A Hot Husband and a Happy New Year!

The ushering of our New Year is always preceded by the celebration of Jamie's life, as his birthday is on the 30th. I have a hot husband. In fact, if you know me well at all, you've heard me say that I have three things to brag about besides Jesus: I have a really talented dad, precious kids, and a super hot husband. Though Jamie is good looking, it's his heart that is beautiful. He's a picture of our Heavenly Father to the boys, and as I've fallen more in love with him over the last nine years, I've realized it's Christ I've been drawn to. Jamie's come to a place that nothing is beyond him, so he lives at the cross. I am a blessed woman.

I always struggle with the post-Christmas blues, but as I was reflecting today I realized I have so much to hope for, beyond the obvious hope of Christ. I'll be a aunt in...well, any minute now. Leah's literally popping at the seams, but isn't she gorgeous! Riley Beth will be staying with us a bit each week, and we're SO excited. In addition to that, I've officially started, as of today, a new position at our church. I'm the new female staff for our youth ministry. It's much of where we've been serving, but I'm now being held accountable. The boys are growing in their love of life and learning. And, we're hoping the reality of Frankie Joy will only grow with each day.

We LOVE our church, Altadena Valley, but I've been following Church of Brookhills new movement "A Radical Experiment." The link is on the side. There's a number of aspects included: reading through the Bible this year, praying for each people group through out the world, seeking deeper community, and spending your resources on behalf of the poor. Over the last year, this is what has captured our heart, and we're so excited that this is only the beginning of our journey.


  1. We're going to try out our first church this Sunday. BIG shoes to fill, we are missing AVPC fiercely!

    Loving you and missing you!

  2. We miss you! Hey, I'll lift you up Sunday morning. Bible Study is going to be SO different :(