The Speed of Light

I know. It's been a while. The month of December is always this delightful fog for me. I love it, but I never know where is goes. A LOT has been happening and changing in our little world. We've tasted of God's mercy and goodness in so many ways. We've seen a number of close friends move away. We've dived a little deeper into the adoption process. We've taken on some new roles in our immediate Covenant family at Altadena. We've moved all three of the boys into their new Star Wars room in the attic. I'm not going to write a lot for now. There's too many fun pictures. But I'm back, and excited about what God has in store.

Here's my gratefuls, as it's been super long....
6. Watching Jamie's dad cry when we surprised him on his birthday.
7. A really sappy text from Ashleigh today...Thanks, Girl!
8. Reading Hardy Boys with Caleb.
9. I'm almost an aunt!
10. For the really great time I had at the senior high and junior high girls' breakfasts! These are some of the pictures. I love you guys madly!

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