AHA Moment...

I know I've already posted once today, but we just returned to our hotel from Will Joseph's rehearsal dinner. So delightful, and SO much laughter. But Jamie and I had an AHA moment while we were there. If you know Will, you know his greatest love is Jesus. So, one by one, each person walked up to share how Will and Kayb had influenced his or her life. Then one of the groomsmen, Roy, walked up. He shared how wonderful Will was, and then he said, "If you think Will and Kayb are amazing, you should meet their Savior."

I know it's the truth, but it was the most refreshing moment to be reminded of the why. I have no rights, no claims, no hope...apart from my Savior Jesus Christ. He is my everything, and my every reason.

My gratefuls for today:
11. Jamie's funny leap off the stage tonight
12. Running into Meredith Allison in downtown Chattanooga
13. My sister Sarah keeping the boys for the weekend
14. Answered prayers for Will!
15. Law and Order Marathons

I'm also uploading Caleb and Benjamin's Christmas program from church. It was a hoot to say the least.

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