Raw Friday {On Success}

{Five-Minute Unedited Vomit Writing}

she saw her mama today

and in a moment her whispered prayers

and grieving wails were met with an answer

only to have them begin anew

she counts the seconds

marks the calendar,

boldly in purple,

numbering the moments until she can look

into the eyes that match hers

for one more hour

she knows the sins

understands the blame that was cast

yet, she worships the one who carried her to life

watchers sometimes ask how she deems her worthy of forgiveness

why she longs, dreams

she's entered the equation for success in my home, they say

education + finances = opportunity

how could she ache to return to the past

when a future awaits

and i'm reminded

there are no success stories in scripture

there's brokenness. there's betrayal. there's death. there's grief.

there's joy. there's redemption. there's Jesus and his glory.

there's His victory and cloak of righteousness...

but the only success is birthed from deep brokenness

Photo Source: Registeredrunaway.com
because it is from our shattered shells, new life breaks forth.

~ he who is forgiven much, loves much ~ 
Luke 7:47

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