Raw Friday {YES}

{Five-Minute Unedited Vomit Writing}

you nuzzle against me for the final moments of your day

mommy, tell me the story of my yes

the one when you first heard my name

once upon a time on my 34th birthday i was scrubbing anothers vomit out of the floor

{because all good stories must have a once upon a time and vomit}

the ring came and i heard your name ~ yours and your sisters'

three little girls need a place for the night

it's a simple one, catie

nothing long term

they'll be home in a month, maybe two at most

i threw the vomit rag in the trash...


and i went to see the faces of my daughters for a season

for whom my heart would grow to beat

would you say yes again, mommy?

i smile knowingly

because that month became two, then a year....into years

and the leaders who sign the papers and hammer the gavels forecast more to come

i cup your face


yes to the darkened roads and the unknowing nights

Photo Source: coursesite.uhcl.edu

yes to the fight ahead

in the twisted paths

to the war we will wage on your doubts

i will say yes until they tell me i no longer can

we will battle in these shadows with you for every day, another allows

yes, to all the love my mother heart has for you

yes then, yes today, and yes again

yes, my daughter for this moment


  1. Beautiful! I wanna be like you when I grow up! ;)

  2. I cannot describe how much I enjoy your writing, your blog! Thank you for following your heart and Jesus.