What does $10,000 mean for TFI Birmingham?

We're entering the final lap of our back-to-school matching challenge...

And there's a major push to the finish line.

Our goal is to equip 150 vulnerable children in crisis situations within the Birmingham area with a strong tangible foundation for the 2014-2015 school year.

Children like Dyshawn will be walking into their kindergarten year with mountains of memories and struggles, yet starting behind does not have to be another insecurity.

Children like Shameka, Swansia and Kyron are on track to begin reading this year, but they will not be allowed to attend school unless they have the necessary supplies and uniforms.

Young men like Kamelle are entering their critical middle school years alone with little to back them up.

All these children and more still need sponsors.

It only takes $75 to provide a child in our city with new shoes, socks, underwear, two school uniforms, a backpack and all necessary supplies.

If you feel called to aid in any portion of this, you may make a tax-deductible donation online here, but please be sure to mark Birmingham TFI where appropriate.

But in addition to these sponsorships, an anonymous donor has committed to matching each contribution dollar for dollar up to the amount of $10,000!

What does this mean for us?

Daily, my partner-in-crime, Kristin, and I are called by DHR requesting help with beds for children being place that day. Your donation purchases the first bed some children have had in years.

When three teenagers who have been waiting for more than 10 years to be adopted finally have the chance to meet their forever family, your donation provides them with fresh clothes and haircuts so they can go with confidence.

This year your donations provided Mothers' Day gifts to more than 30 foster mothers to cheer them on in their calling.

It enabled children to be reunified with their families when it was simply a dresser and a crib standing in the way. 

You provided Christmas delights and back-to-school needs for hundreds of children throughout our city.

You celebrated weary social workers with surprises and meals.

Your donation this week will establish our ability to meet all these needs and more in the coming school year.

Will you join us?

Pray. Share. Give.


  1. Catie, when does this fundraiser end? I'm of limited income but would like to donate via check. Can I mail YOU the check or would you prefer it go to the address listed? Thx, Lori

    1. Hey Lori! Will you email me :) cafranktie@aol.com.

  2. Catie, I messaged you via this page the other night to let you know I sent you an email as requested but not sure my message went through! Just curious as to whether you got the email? Thx and have a great weekend! Lori