Dear Foster Mama {There is no hierarchy},

There is no ladder of calling.

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No short cut to holiness.

There is only the thread He designed you to be in the tapestry He is weaving...

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The space He molded for you to bring His kingdom to earth. 

That only you can fill, in a way only you can. 

Because without your Yes, the puzzle is incomplete.

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Though the Restorer doesn't need you, He created a calling for you to further His story...

A tale that only you can tell.

But well-meaning watchers will challenge you.

Perhaps whisper you are another rung to accomplish a purpose...

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You DO NOT fill an if you can't space.

You have walked on water into a calling, fixing your eyes on the only One who can calm the storm.

So if He has whispered to your soul...

To adopt, embrace it.

To foster, do so with excellence.

To sponsor, answer faithfully.

To volunteer, serve selflessly.

To donate, give generously.

To educate, speak thoughtfully.

Because to pull even one thread from this kingdom story He is writing, is to deny the deepest longings of our designs.

Answer your high calling with the astounding freedom and beauty that flows from His grace.

And as you do so, we rise to bless you ~

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