Why Weighted Blankets? {A Birthday Blog Post}

We're celebrating my 35th birthday these next few weeks. In honor of it, we're collecting tools that will strengthen the therapy and sensory processing of kids from hard places.

Please take the time to read more about it here. Then, share and participate. You know you want to celebrate me :)

One item we are asking for is weighted blankets. To purchase they can be slightly expensive on paper, yet from experience, they are worth every penny.

A weighted blanket is not a security blanket like we are often used to our young children having. It is a specifically designed blanket that provides sensory output, much like a constant heavy hug with a calming impact.

These blankets have been a constant tool in therapy with our kiddos. It has helped our kiddos focus more in school, regulate their tantrums and "ticks," and reaffirm the touch they have missed throughout their lives.

They come in various weights and sizes.

For someone like me, who is not crafty at all, a great place to visit is Therapy Shoppe. If you have a child who struggles with sensory issues, this is a great place to camp.

Or...you can make them!

Here is a guest post from my foster mama friend, Kaytie on making simple weighted lap blankets.

You may be wondering what a weighted lap pad does. Weighted lap pads help provide deep pressure for a feeling of security. They enable the child to stay seated for longer periods of time, and help to provide a calming feeling. They are great for children who suffer with anxieties, hyperactivity or autism. They are also great for children, who may be transitioning from place to place. It gives them a grounded feeling and something to hold on to during that difficult period. A great advantage of the weight lap pad verses the blanket, is that it is very portable, perfect for school, and riding in the car. 
Materials you will need: Stuffed animal or dog toy Scissors Needle and thread Rice, beans, or poly pellets (poly pellets are the best option because they are washable)

Simply thread together the desired size or material, much like you would a pillow, and then fill with your chosen weights.

Only 13 days until my birthday! Don't miss the party!

Because He is worthy ~


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  2. That looks great so far!!! so sweet!! I am not good at crafts...i have tried and just..no. My mom used to be crafty, but then she gave it up....maybe when I start having kids....in 3 years...she'll get the urge again haha
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  3. I have really enjoyed seeing your colourful fantasy blanket. it really is a beautiful dreamy pattern. Its so great to see lots of others joining in the creation of their own combinations - well done for all the inspiration and injections of colour, style and texture all over crochet blogland and beyond!
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  4. Hi
    I love your blanket i have just started one but i have a question i have started with 110 fdc i haven't used fdc before im wondering why its 108+2 ? And on row 2 do i count the chain 3 as a double crochet?
    Thank you for any help :)
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  5. Just read the word lap pad.... I didn't know about it, I may have this one use for my son before!

  6. One item we are asking for is weighted blankets. To purchase they can be slightly expensive on paper, yet from experience, they are worth ... weightedblanket.blogspot.com