Dear Peppermint...

You're eight today.

343 days from the moment I first saw you on a courtroom bench. Your eyes darted nervously, wondering with whom you would spend the night.

It was only two weeks since your birthday, but whispers had been brewing in the walls of your home for a month.

And in the worry and flurry, your milestone of seven had been forgotten, just as your sixth, just as your fifth.

There was always one reason or another.

So today, as I sit in the too early morning hours, pouring over the water that never will run dry, your door cracks open.

I whisper, Sweetheart, it's too early. Let's get back in bed.

It's okay, Mama. I just wanted to peek and see if I was remembered.

And you bounce when your eyes spot the balloon-flooded hallway and the sign-spotted walls.

You remembered!

Shh. How could I not? You're worthy of being remembered every moment of every day.

You hug me so tight I can barely swallow the lump in my throat, and in a flash you're back in bed.

And I'm left wondering, How did I ever get to be the one to say, Yes, to you?

I am so unworthy.

My body returns to the Word opened before me, but my mind drifts to you again.

The lies have set their stake in your heart through the shadows that follow you.

You've been used, manipulated, accused and seemingly forgotten.

But my Peppermint, you were always remembered.

Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has born? 
Though she may forget, I will not forget you! See I have engraved you on the palms of my hands. 
~ Isaiah 49:15

From the beginning of time, your name was on His lips. 

Your sorrows were His own as He made His way to the cross.

And your future was His cry, as He proclaimed, It is finished.

You are worthy of being remembered...rejoiced over...celebrated...pursued...loved.

You are more than the scars you bear.

You are your Beloved's, and He is yours.

That is the Truth that will shatter the darkness of the lies that haunt you.

Because my Daughter...

It was never your fault, and you are not the enemy. You are not a burden or in the way.

You are a princess and your Father is the King of Kings.

You are worthy because He is worthy.

And I am so honored to be your mama in this season,


  1. This might be the most beautiful thing you have ever written… and you have written lots of good stuff!! (They didn't warn you that even something as common and simple as a birthday could be a significant, life-altering- life-affirming event. And you wouldn't have believed it if you were told!)

  2. Thank you Catie for speaking truth to our hearts! Praying for you today!

  3. Love your heart, Catie--and so love the gifts you give these precious children!

  4. tears...Thank you, Catie, for sharing your heart.

  5. As I just threw the fourth first birthday party in just over two years this post really resonated with me. I'm determined my temporary bubs will have photos to remember for their first birthday they were loved and remembered and celebrated!! Thanks for sharing how important this is!!