To the Man of the Hour...

You're 37 today...

How did this happen?

When we walked the laps of our apartment building 12 years ago, this was not the dream you had...

Once upon a time you told me tales of tidy control and extravagant order.

We whispered our plans and prayed, God bless.

And then you jumped.

I stood on the cliff and watched the polished man I once knew fall into the arms of his Savior with nothing to catch him.

I wondered at how he never looked back except to say, Follow me. Jump.

And suddenly, I was able to gaze past your eyes into the the heart of my greatest love, the one who bled for me.

There are days we crave comfort.

Moments we long for order.

Mornings we just want to know what the plan is.

And evenings we pray for sleep.

But as you've told me before, If we're gonna be worn out on this earth, let's be worn out for the Gospel. We have Heaven to be comfortable.

I want to be like your Savior when I grow up.

I want to my sons to be like the Redeemer they see through you.

I want our daughters to taste the hope that they were designed for more through the love you faithfully give them.

The man God's grace has allowed you to become...it quiets my soul.

Thank you for allowing me to be along for the ride.

Because I love jumping with you ~

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