A Time to Notice ~ Heart Gallery Child of the Week

This weekend I had the honor of attending Bringing Hope conference in Arizona.

There, a young mom shared her story of bouncing from home to home in the foster care system until she was finally placed in a group home and aged out when she turned only 18.

What were you doing when you were 18? What were you like?

I was an immature obnoxious teen, desperate for attention and love.

I was determined to have the best time possible on my senior trip because I sure thought I had earned it.

I was consumed with having the cutest dorm room and making the right friends in college.

This young lady...at 18, she was homeless.

No support.

No home, except a tent given to her by the transitional living program.

No means to live or provide for herself.

And no one ever noticed.

Rise up, O Church.

Meet Cody, a young man on the cliff of his teens, longing for a future very different than his past...

Hoping for someone to commit to him and his brother.

From Cody's Heart Gallery of Alabama profile ~

Cody, born February 2001 is very sweet and well-mannered. He enjoys landscaping, building things, playing outside, and riding his bicycle. He is involved in special education classes and attends additional private classes. He struggles with reading and writing, but is making steady progress. He tends to be his brother’s caregiver and protector. He would love to live on a farm or rural area and deeply desires a dog of his own.

A young man who longs to commit to someone who is committed to him, and he's modeled this in his love and faithfulness to his younger brother, Willie.

From Willie's Heart Gallery of Alabama profile ~

Willie, born February 2002 is very sweet and quiet. He enjoys playing video games, riding his bicycle, and playing outside. He is involved in special education classes & attends additional private classes. He is steadily making progress in his academics. His interests are undeveloped and he needs to experience what life can offer him. 

Loyal brothers anticipating for a family to be loyal and faithful to them.

The boys share a close bond, have been in and out of foster care for a number of years and greatly desire a permanent home with a loving and active family. They need a family who will provide a structured, nurturing home environment. They need assistance developing hobbies/interests. The boys need lots of assurance and attention; therefore, it would be preferable if they were the only children in the home. 

May the Father open our eyes to notice, to see, to act by grace.

Together, let's pray, share, and advocate...because they are worth it.


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