Community, Opportunity, and a GIVEAWAY!


Okay, for those of you who are deep... I promise I'm gonna get back to my roots here... soon.

We've been processing and thinking. I'm so excited about where God seems to be leading us, but I'm not quite ready to write on it, just yet... but it's coming!

So, in the meantime...

I've shared multiple times on the immense blessing Grace Klein Community has been to our ministry and family. They have GREATLY supported The Forgotten Initiative, covered us and our kiddos in prayer, and faithfully helped provide food and basic needs for the families with whom we are walking.

We're so grateful to be part of their Community Night this coming Saturday! I'll have the chance to share what a beautiful impact this ministry has made on our lives and outreach through partnership.

It's a family affair, so bring the whole gang!

But there's more!

Without my faithful diligence, God still provided 20 cans for formula for our August drive! I'm so grateful! Thank you to all who participated.

Let's step it up a notch!

This month, in honor of Grace Klein's partnership with us, we will be collecting canned goods for their monthly food deliveries. Here's some super cool ways you can be involved!

~ Want your families or kiddos featured on the blog? Encourage your kids to creatively collect canned goods. Send in their picture once you've delivered your cans, and have then draw a picture or write about what they were able to do with God's strength as they served others. Hold a lemonade stand and charge a can of green beans :) Can't wait to see those precious faces! Get your scout troop, ballet class, or neighborhood involved!

~ Live far away? Consider sending goods via amazon! Let you kiddos earn the money and select what they would want to send! Message me for address.

~ Let your littles cut coupons and watch for the BOGO sales with you! Send in some pics of your faithful grocery shopping partners :)

Each family who participates will be entered for...

 a Seeds Family Worship CD! Never heard of Seeds?

With over 60 scriptures put to songs, we play these tunes all throughout our school day, in the car, while we cook. It's been such a challenge for me to be revived in meditating on the word throughout the day, even though they're designed for children!

You don't want to miss this! Join with us as we serve these ministry leaders in the community who have been so faithful to love others.

Regularly, our monthly drive will be a simple way for you to intentionally involve your children in faithful acts of service. Our focus will be to celebrate the work God is doing in your family and especially your children's hearts. Consider making this a monthly routine! We're so grateful!

"All the believers were of one heart and mind. 
No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared all they had." 
~ Acts 4:32

Looking unto Jesus,

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