The Drowning Truth

There's a mama I love.

Before the world of foster care, she was married and cared for three children with a dual income. Things were far from perfect, but they were manageable.

Three years down the road, she's a single mom, discovering her three children again after a long separation. She scraping on one meager income.

She's beaten and faced more than I could in a hundred years. She's fulfilled all her requirements. I am so proud of her...

 But her head is barely above water.

There's some who see this and make accusations and claim the system should have never sent the kids home.

I see kids who call their mama, Hero.

I hear children telling their mama, Thank you for never giving up on us. Thank you for fighting for us.

I see a woman who has stared shame down.

I see my sister in Jesus.

In the church, the realm of foster care is becoming a growing awareness, and I am so grateful. I am.

But, if we claim we are in foster care, we must be in it...hook, line, and sinker.

We rally to provide Christmas gifts and backpacks for children in care, and we shy away from the mother who has earned the right to be known as mother once again.

The Forgotten Initiative has been asked to partner with family preservation and provide for families working to stay in tact, fighting off whispers of crisis.

Would you consider joining us?

We are honored to be partnering with Lifeline Children's Services in this endeavor, and TFI will specifically be providing back-to-school clothes and needs for 15 children in family preservation situations. The expense is between $100-150, depending on the age of the child. Will you lift the burden of the broken with us?

Contact me for specific child information at cafranktie@aol.com. We cannot walk this journey without you.

Looking to Jesus,

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