Heart Gallery of Alabama's Child of the Week!

A day late, but nothing short of precious!

Meet Devontae...

From Heart Gallery of Alabama's website: 

Devontae, born in August 2000 is a handsome young man. He loves sports especially basketball. Devontae has played baseball in the past and excelled at the sport. He receives support services at school. Despite a learning disability he excels every year. 

Devontae is a bright young boy who needs someone to provide him a forever family. He enjoys going on outings and playing at the park. He likes to laugh, have fun, play with cars and color. Devontae struggles some socially but is maturing with age.He would benefit from a family that has time to give him the one-on-one attention that he so deserves.

If you would like to see more of this smile or make an inquiry, please head over to Devontae's link on Heart Gallery of Alabama's website.

Would you consider praying for Devontae throughout this week?

Pray. Share. Advocate.

Looking unto Jesus,

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