Have You Hit Your Seven?

Each Sunday, Jamie and I walk through our calendar for the week and then the month. It's about the only thing that keeps us sane with our crazy schedules!

Then, we ask each other the following questions. I call it the Sunday Seven. I simply post these in my notebook, and we review them each Sunday evening.

1. How have I loved you well this week?

2. Where did you see God in your life this last week?

3. Is there any way you were discouraged this last week?

4. What does your upcoming week look like?

5.  How can I love you this upcoming week, relationally, intimately, and spiritually?

7. How can I encourage you this week? 

6. How can I specifically pray for you this week?


  1. Hey there! Yesterday my friend told me about your blog. We're in Tuscaloosa. Homeschool mom. Just starting the process of foster/adopt.
    I really appreciate this 7 on sundays idea. My husband and I often acknowledge the difficulty of finding - - MAKING - -time to stop, sit, share and listen. These are great questions!