Altar 84's Unfailing Love Retreat!

I love my social workers, like in a deep way.

I have the most incredible workers on earth. Literally.

But there are days, when even they just don't get it. Just as there are things, I don't get about their calling.

There are moments, when I crave to be around other foster or adoptive mommas who have faced the darkness, the trauma, the baggage, the joys and funnies ~ and they're still living to tell the story because they know the One who has led them.

There are times when I want to be with another person, and simply know that she sees beyond the things I'm saying or laughing and crying at, and she understands, that without me even saying, there is a quiet, sober grief that lies deep in my soul, as I carry around the death of Christ in this calling for the life of Christ to abound.

When I have those times of being with other mommas who don't need a back story or head count, I sometimes will weep quietly with joy, to be reminded of the One who has called us together as we recount the stones and ebenezers of our journeys in this calling, and remind one another that we have never been alone.

I crave times like that.

But, with 7-10 kiddos on any given day, those seasons are few and far between, unless I plan for them.

So, plan with me :)

September 20th-21st, I'll be at Altar 84's Unfailing Love Retreat, right here in Birmingham! Registration opens today, but it's filling up quickly!

This retreat is being established and led by women who are answering God's high calling for them to prepare a place for adoptive, foster, and orphan care mommas, to come and be reminded that "His yoke is easy and His burden is light," even in the midst of this broken, beautiful mess of orphan care that we wade through.

Do miss this. You need it. I need it. Let's need it and be refreshed together.

Because of the One who restores our souls,

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