Jamie and I are embarking on 40 days of prayer for the movement of orphan ministry around the world, in Alabama, and especially in our home. This prayer journey is a preparation for our kNOw More Orphans conference on March 8th at Hunter Street Baptist, hosted by the awesome ministry Altar 84.

One of the primary comments we often hear is, "We could never do what you guys are doing, but I wish I could do something." The truth is YOU CAN!

As I've said many times here, we are not all called necessarily to foster and adopt, though Jamie and I do feel many more are called than actually do. However, we are ALL commanded to CARE for the fatherless.

Over the next 40 days I'll be presenting many ideas of ways you can make a difference in the lives of the fatherless. The opportunities are endless, because the needs are currently endless. It is the call of the church to meet these needs.

When we began this journey, we thought it was about providing a child a safe home, and it is. But, it's also about coming alongside birthmothers and birthfathers, it's about encouraging social workers and lawyers, it's about holding up the arms of foster parents, providing respite for hurting adoptive parents, and the list goes on.

So be excited! Open yourself to where the Lord may be prompting!

And here is your first chance...

to a
On March 4th I will be turning 33!
All I'm asking for this year is diapers!
These diapers, pull ups, and good nights will all go to Jefferson and Shelby County Department of Human Resources,
as there is a desperate need.

We're doing this diaper drive on behalf of a ministry we serve with, The Forgotten Initiative.

Our goal is 33 BOXES
(because I'm turning 33:)

If you follow us from a distance, feel free to contact me, and I'll do the shopping for you!

Make a difference on behalf of the fatherless!

It's my party, and you're invited!


  1. Thank you for taking this 40 Day Journey and Beyond with Altar84!! We are so blessed by your love for Jesus and for the orphan. It's all because of the Father's great LOVE!

  2. You bet, Jodie! We're telling everyone we know about the conference! Super excited about all God is growing through you guys!

  3. Love the birthday idea! Thanks for serving with us!! Also, an idea Jami used when she did a diaper drive on her blog was to suggest buying from Amazon & shipping to her. Just a thought! Looking forward to seeing you this week!

  4. Great idea! Thank you for being a rock star leader!