The Greatest Role

"Pure and lasting religion in the sight of God our Father means that we must care for orphans and widows in their distress,
and refuse to let the world corrupt us."
James 1:27

We're on a journey of prayer. For 40 days, we're crying out to the Father of the fatherless to meet us in our ministry and our longings, to make our dreams HIS, and to enable us to be HIS hands and feet.

We're so unworthy.

I promised to profile and provide various resources these next few weeks of how you can serve and follow the commandment to care for the fatherless, even if God hasn't called you to specifically adopt or foster.

When we were preparing to say goodbye to Baby M, my heart was breaking for this precious girl we had cared for as our own. I felt hopeless; that simply our letting her go was a betrayal of all we could offer her. As I shared this with one of our dear friends and pastors, I sadly, actually said, "I guess I'll always pray for her."

He looked at me and said, "Wow, Catie, don't you think you're underestimating the power of prayer."

It took my to knees.

It's so easy to "Christianese" prayer in our circles. But truly, the most precious role you can play in the lives of the fatherless, is that of prayer.

The vast majority of the children and their families have had no one deeply intercede for them and believe for what the fullness of Christ could be in them.

Adopt a country in prayer, adopt an orphan in prayer, adopt a foster child and his or her family in prayer, adopt foster parents in prayer, or adopt a family going through this process.

Labor for them on your knees.

From experience, I can tell you it's the greatest gift you can give.

Ask the Father for scriptures to pray for those laid on your heart. Send them those scriptures. It's the words of their Savior holding up their arms.

About three weeks ago, my phone rang, and it was sweet Baby M's family. She was very sick and was rushed to the hospital. Their words, "You were the only ones we knew who would fight for us in prayer."

Prayer is the greatest role. And often, as we commit to crying out from our knees, our hands and feet can't help but long to become dirty in the mess of ministry as well.


Two boxes have already been donated on our first day, and 31 to go!

Another great idea sent to me by friend Kristin:

Feel free to order from Amazon, and have the boxes sent directly to me!


  1. Thank you for this MUCH needed reminder of the power of prayer. We've adopted three trios of children from Russia over the past decade (www.untohimwelive@blogspot.com), but there is a group of four siblings I wish we could make our own. This doesn't seem to be God's plan for our lives, at least right now.

    Your post reminded me that I can still be their mama--their Prayer Mama. I've been in their orphanage. I've seen what faces them daily. Our most recent trio were their friends. In addition to all this, I've been an adoptive mom of orphanage kids for a decade; I KNOW many, many prayers I can lift up to the Father of the Fatherless on behalf of the UNadopted. I CAN influence their lives even if I can't add them to our large clan. I'm dropping to my knees NOW. Thanks for your post, and thanks for your love and passion for orphans--you are glorifying God!


    1. Denise! Thank you! You're family is so beautiful God-glorifying! I loved stalking your blog. Thank you for your heart and faithfulness to fight as a vessel for God's kingdom among the fatherless!