The Wait of Domestic Adoption

Each aspect of orphan ministry is unique its journey and wait.

I've prayed for friends walking the international path through the months of wait, the balancing act of trials, and the struggles of adjusting as a new family.

I've walked the emotional battle of foster care. The anticipation of placement, the art of letting go, the pursuit of a birth family - are all becoming more my native language with each passing day.

I've cheered for the individuals who have taken the initiative to develop support avenues for those in orphan care. I've witnessed their creativity, benefited from their love, and been in awe of the many ways they have died to themselves in order to come alongside others.

This new dance of walking the wait of domestic adoption has been humbling. I've come to learn it's different for each family. Those without children, wading through the process, hold in their hearts the tender anticipation of all God could - and Lord willing - will fulfill. Ours is slightly different. But I've been amazed at the ups and downs of my emotions, even with the insanity of our home at this time.

Once I announced our entry into the domestic adoption world, I began receiving calls and emails of others who are in "the wait." The different perspectives of how they chose to survive the process. It's been a precious chance to hear of God's transforming power in the journey, not just the baby. Several of you have asked how we are approaching this, so I thought I would share, because this is part of orphan care.

For us the journey is as much about the family of our future child, as it is the child itself. We've come to realize we have so much to learn through these families God has brought into our lives through foster care, we can't dream of passing up a gift God puts before us.

In light of that, we have asked to be known every time our profile has been shown. In honesty, I think I would feel much differently if we did not already have children.

And with mother and father who has seen our profile, we've cried out to God on their behalf. I've written down their due dates, whether they've chosen us or not (obviously you would know if we'd been chosen by now :). We've committed to covering that momma in prayer on those days, and for days after.

We believe God is ordaining even the women and men who see our faces and read our letters, even if they never meet us face to face and even if we never hold their sweet babies. If we have met them on paper, we have been given the precious calling to pray for them through this season.

Perhaps this journey will not end with a child, though I hope it will. Perhaps our family grows again through foster care, and not through a formal domestic adoption. Either way, we have no doubt we were called to walk this process, and if that process was only for the sake of holding up these precious women and men before the throne of God, then that is a high and holy calling.

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