Rock star AWESOME!

So my good friend Melissa De hooked me up with the Created for Care conference! Where there will be 400 ladies coming--representing over 247 children who are no longer orphans...185 in process...and about 50 who feel called to adopt or to serve families adopting in some way, equaling over 433 children who now have loving families and are orphaned no more - Does that rock your world or what! I don't know hardly anyone going, but I'm beyond flipped out to meet these incredible people with desperate hearts for Jesus.

More ROCK star awesome!!

Sweet Mattie turns 14 today! Happy birthday beautiful, Gal! You changed our dreams, prayers, and longing for something much more beautiful. You made us want Jesus!

Even more rock STAR awesome!!!

One year ago today sweet Baby M came into our home. A large piece of my heart still belongs to you, and longs for you. But you are exactly where the Father planned for you to be. And every day, I cry out for God to use you in more than amazing ways for His glory. You've already done that in our lives and home.


  1. My mom and I will be there (the conference is literally five minutes from my home). Maybe I'll see you there! :-)

  2. Natalie!
    Would love to meet you. I'm super excited about going! And, you have the coolest house ever!