I'm surrounded by brokenness. I'm feeding it, washing it, living it. It's been compounded in the last few days.


It's a word multiple people have said to me over the last week for different situations, heartaches, broken worlds.

You could take that word two ways.

1. When a mother, a father, a friend, tells me they are humiliated, I could whisper the words running through my mind, Bless your heart, you poor thing.

Then I tighten my jacket, pop on my lipgloss, and return to my controllable world (ha, ha).


2. I could invite that man, woman, hurting soul, into my life. Bring all their messiness to join with mine. I could take them to my Jesus, who on the cross took all. their. shame.

He exchanged it for hope, life, joy, and peace.

As I was so beautifully reminded yesterday....Jesus knew even THAT sin when He took on the shame of the world and bore it at the cross.

So today, I will thank Abba for the brokenness and humiliation because it takes me to the cross. It takes me to the truth that my God is a restoring God, and once again, I'm invited to bring that restoration to others today.

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