Can you smell it? Hear it? See it?

Our backyard is a sea of leaves, every vibrant color. I can't take enough peaks out the window between laundry and diaper changing breaks to take it all in.

I hate having a "grateful" month. I've had every intention of following the 1,000 Gifts challenges and other thanksgiving projects throughout the year, but the minutes just weren't there. So, I suppose now is about as great a time to start as any.

Grateful for this...

Jamie gave his testimony at our Sunday school class on Sunday morning. I was horrified to hear him tell. it. all. He held nothing back. He told about the packing of bags, the screaming, the breaking of plates. He told of the days we didn't think we could stand each other one more day.

I felt myself sinking into my chair, making jokes to lighten the mood.

Then he told of his redemption, our redemption...the moment when we, as a family, fell to our knees and decided to quit fighting God. He told how our God is a restoring God; He's in the business of using us to take that restoration to others. We just have to say... Yes.

Those first five years, God was the same God. But, we were saying... No. I wanted my plans, my life, my freedom.

Now, each day, I rise to follow this man who is following his God, inviting us to say... Yes.

I'm so grateful.

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