Little Sis M

There's no lie. We're smitten with her. It's interesting. I've been asked four times in two days if we love her like we love our own. Are the emotions the same? Could they be when you know what could be ahead?

Our God is so amazing. His love has no stipulations. What's more amazing is that the spirit of my God lives in me.

Yes, I love her. Yes, I love Big Sis M. But, it's not about me. I was running (for the first time in five weeks). I was thinking about how I have not prayed hardly at all for Little M's family this last week. Things haven't been going well, and I've honestly written many things off in regards to Little's Momma.

Then God whispered to me, "Catie, the moment you stop praying for her, is the moment you begin to believe that I'm not big enough for her. And Catie, if I'm not big enough for her, I'm not big enough for you. And Catie, I'm big enough for you. My Son is still on His throne, even if you never see me move with your eyes. My son is on His throne."

Then I wept.

Yes, I love her. But my sights would be so short, and I would miss so much if this were about me. It's about My Father, My Savior, His Kingdom, and the work He has promised to fulfill, even if I never see it here on earth.

And that, I love.

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