I'm Addicted to Motherhood because...

1. Benjamin said, "Mommy, for Mother's Day, I wrote you a rap about A.A. Milne." (author of Winnie the Pooh)
2. Caleb looks for Jamie and me every time he rounds first base.
3. I have more laundry than I could ever hope to do.
4. Daniel screams, "This little light of mine..."
5. They have an incredible daddy.
6. Caleb is working on a map of our house that will sleep 19 foster children, and he asks every morning if today is the day God will bring orphans to our home.
7. Benjamin is just like me, and so I know God's made him stubborn, passionate and emotional for a reason.
8. I serve a covenant God.
9. I am completely out of control.
10. My home is never clean for more than 10 minutes, so I have a perfect excuse.
11. We know the balloon lady and four cashiers by name at Publix.
12. I'm forced to begin and end my day on my knees.
13. We went to see a friend's new baby girl. I asked Caleb if he thought she was beautiful. He said, "Well, Mommy, she is, but she's white. I want brothers and sisters who are every color."
14. Daniel shakes his booty every time the Madagascar soundtrack comes on.
15. My furniture is much more remarkable with BEN written in black permanent marker all over it.
16. Every time Caleb asks, "Just one more pitch, Daddy," I smile.
17. I'm ambushed by water guns at least once a week.
18. I listen for the ice cream truck.
19. Benjamin is always thankful for the way the sun sets.
20. I'm so unworthy of them.
21. Caleb says he wants his little boys to have a mommy just like me.
22. My heart is broken for children around the world.
23. They whisper far into the night in the Star Wars room they share together.
24. Benjamin watches Caleb's every move.
25. My heart melts every time one of our senior high kids sweep the boys into their arms.
26. They're not mine. I'm honored to have this calling, to point them to their Savior for His glory and His purpose for them.

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  1. What a great list of such wonderful ways God has blessed you. I love how the comment Caleb made about wanting brothers and sisters in every color. What a precious heart he has! I might copy this on my blog, thanks for the idea!