A New Direction

It's been a heart-wrenching week. Today I cleaned house for a fellow teacher at our homeschool co-op. Last Sunday evening her sweet two-year-old, Abigail, was accidentally run over on the weekend of her second birthday. Sometimes even God's sovereignty can seem cruel, but I know He is good. Caleb has cried on and off all week, as Abigail Hope's brother and sister are his friends. It's just been a somber week. The reminder of death and life. The stark embrace that this world is not my home. I grow so weary.

If you're in my life at all personally, you know Jamie and I are restless. We know God is moving, stretching, breaking our hearts for the things that break His heart. We've seen our vision and longings go places we could have never dreamed of hoping for. I have an amazing leader and husband. All this to say, we feel God tenderly pushing us in a new direction.

We are broken for orphan ministry. We've come to realize our longing is not to simply rescue one little girl from injustice, but to develop a lifestyle of ministering to those who are face to face with the consequences of sin's depravity...on a more deep and dirty level. We want not one orphan in our home, but many, and we want to come alongside the birthmothers, pointing them to the transforming power of the gospel. I've never seen Jamie so passionate, or so confident of what God is leading us to. It's scared me. But I've also never been more uncertain of what our life will look like a year from now, or five, or ten. I'm so excited.

So, what does that mean? I don't know. I don't know who, or where, or what or when. I just know that we both believe God has conceived a dream and promise within us for our family. So we'll wait, and hope and rest. We've registered to take the class to become certified foster parents through Alabama Baptist. These classes would begin in September and, Lord willing, we be able to open our home around Christmas. So, that's our first steps.

This past week I shared some of the deep talks and struggles Jamie and I've been having concerning these things with an acquaintance. This person remarked, "Why would you do that to your children? You're not content with what God has given you." It humbled me because I would have been the one saying these words, even two years ago. What an honor it is to pass a vision of the gospel on to those in the covenant body. But also for my children, what a scary place it would be for them to suffer the consequences of comfort and complacency as a result of my lack of faith.

Pray for the Dahlen family. Pray for God's mercy, comfort and compassion to be evident like never before. Pray that Brandy, Michael, Sweet Anna Faith, Nathan, Samuel, and Eli would feel the Father's loving, tender pursuit.

Because of Christ's great love for us,



  1. I love you Catie! I told Paul about you and Jamie taking care of orphans and he thought it was wonderful. Y'all remind me of George Mueller.

    We love you.

  2. You always make me tear up with your desire to do what is right and to show the Gospel in every facet of your life. What a wonderful way to show your boys what God's love is. Sorry I missed you both times this week but I've been praying for you as I can't imagine how difficult it's been. Love you.

  3. OH, Catie, that is so so tough for that family and everyone involved. It makes us all long for eternity more. I am excited that you and Jamie feel such great direction in becoming foster parents. I think that is an even greater call than adoption. It seems much more sacrificial on some levels than adoption, to me, but that means that the Lord has to put that desire in your heart. So it is exciting to see God move and direct you in his desires. Praying for the Dahlens.