It's my Birthday, and you're invited!


1. I really do plan to begin posting regularly again.

2. Please pray for us as we have been quiet on purpose, wrestling through some heavy shadows. Pray for wisdom, for abiding peace and resting hope.

3. Don't let my silence hold you back from jumping in on your invite to my...

36th Blog Birthday Party!

The entire gang voted on this one :)

I cannot believe this will be our fourth annual celebration!

When I turned 33, you guys showered us with diapers for Jefferson County Department of Human Resources.
33 Boxes for my 33rd Birthday!
 For my 34th, you rocked the Shelby County Department of Human Resource's playrooms!

Kristin and I kicking off the painting!

Last year, you poured into Lifeline's new counseling program with tools and therapy needs for kiddos in care.

This year, we met with caseworkers, foster parents and supervisors to identify one of the most consistent, urgent and expensive needs in the community of foster care...CAR SEATS!

Imagine scrambling to say yes to a four-year-old in the middle of the night, but there's no car seat. That could possibly hinder you from being able to be that child's safe place for the moment.

Only to wake up the next night to relive the scenario, but with an infant.

Typically, child welfare supervisors are required to have a car seat for each stage available to their caseworkers; however, Jefferson and Shelby Counties have been slammed with incoming cases since early August, and there are little-to-none available or remaining.

So...here's our challenge :)

Can we round up 36, or 56, or 106 car seats for kids who will enter care in the coming weeks and months in order to support foster parents and caseworkers, and hold up their hands as they answer, YES, with excellence and love? 

Can we do it by my 36th birthday on March 4th?

There are four ways to participate:

1. Purchase any type car seat, contact me {cafranktie@aol.com}, and we will arrange pick up.

2. Clean out your garage and car! If you no longer need a car seat you have, you may donate it! The  car seat must not have been in any accident at any point, and please check it's expiration date.

3. You may always give a tax-deductible donation online at The Forgotten Initiative, and please note Birmingham Birthday.

4. Would you pretty please share this post? The more people we invite, the more awareness is raised, and the stronger our efforts are together!

The longer Jamie and I are involved in foster care, we are increasingly convinced this must be a community effort to support child welfare services, the families and children in crisis, and the foster families and mentors with faithfulness.

What a simple way to do as God commands His people in Jeremiah 29, Seek the welfare our city.

And while you're at it, you get to say, Happy Birthday to me :)

Because of Jesus ~


  1. What an amazing way to celebrate! Happy [early] birthday! I've been hoping and praying you've been silent on purpose. It's great to hear from you again.

    1. Sweet Friend! Thank you! I'm so grateful for your voice and the difference it makes!