The Matching Challenge

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You've read here a number of times in regards to our efforts with The Forgotten Initiative.

Nationally, our team works to bring hope and purpose to the foster care community as we meet tangible needs and seek to support the various role players with encouragement.

Though locally our initiatives take many forms throughout the year, our anchor projects and commissions ~ particularly from Jefferson County DHR, who supervises almost 1,500 of the state's 5,500 children in care ~ are Christmas and back-to-school needs.

This year, we have been asked to sponsor 150 school age children for the 2014-2015 school year. Many in Jefferson and Shelby County foster placements and family preservation situations often are unable to attend school until after Labor Day because of financial needs for uniforms and school supplies.

To sponsor one child, you may make a donation of $75. This provides a child with three new uniforms, a new pair of shoes, socks, a backpack, and all needed supplies for the upcoming school year.

That means, we need to raise $11,250 (75 per 150 children) by June 20th.

There was a moment last year when we were asked to provide a lesser amount for the same project by a supervisor.

I looked at my partner Kristin and laughed.

There's no way. We're not to that level yet.

My sweet friend looked at me and said, Let's just see what God does.

We met that goal, surpassed it, and were able to cover the spaces where a number of churches and business had to back out of their commitments.

As a result, more has been asked of us this year.

BUT, an anonymous donor has committed to match all donations for this project through June 20th up to $10,000. Friends, that means every dollar is actually two.

This is a HUGE incentive for us as we begin to plan for our financial support in the coming year.

Would you consider partnering with us? Any amount helps! Consider joining together as a Sunday school class or small group! Hold a lemonade stand as a family or a garage sale!

You can make your tax deductible donations out to LIFESONG FOR ORPHANS and note Birmingham TFI in the memo line. Then send to:

The Forgotten Initiative
PO Box 40
Gridley, IL 61744


You may also donate online by going to: www.theforgotteninitiative.org/get-involved/donate, but please be sure to mark BIRMINGHAM.

Whether you are able to support financially or not, would you commit to pray?

1. For children in foster care placements currently removed from their homes.

2. For families in crisis situations, under DHR and government supervision.

3. For the social workers who labor endlessly on behalf of these children and families. Pray that their hope and vision would be restored.

4. For the judges who make critical, life-changing decisions on behalf of children in care. It is God who turns the hearts of judges. Pray that they would hear the deepest needs of these children and rule accordingly.

5. For us as we seek to faithfully and creatively answer the call to empower those involved in the realm of foster care.

And know always, we cannot do this alone. We were never meant to do this alone. We need you.

Don't forget to share!

Looking to Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our Faith ~

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