Where have we been?

I'm not sure I can put this last month into words, but my thoughts sure haven't been here.

After saying farewell to Cinderella, we hit the Empowered to Connect conference.

We then spun around to do respite for a friend, and I had the chance to visit and share with friends in Tuscaloosa and saw my sweet friend from over at Miracle Mama.

We took a day for just the forevers in our fam and hit the traditional Taco Casa and a Bama basketball game. It was so good for the soul. We're learning to make dating the kids, as well as each other a high priority as we continue down this crazy road.

Afterwards, we partied at Peppermint's birthday, only to answer a call in the middle of it to  say Yes to two little beans.

They gave us our cuteness and baby fix for five days before moving to a family member on my birthday. The same day seven of us lined up to be swabbed for strep, crawl into a bed, and were crazy enough to say Yes again to a little boy with a specific characteristics we had been praying for, for years.

Only to have him placed before we returned the call.

We revved back up to in preparation for the Know More Orphans conference. I can't wait to post some of the things I shared there. It was the grace of God as I was feeling empty on so many levels, but it seems He doesn't need me, and He shared exactly what many mamas and daddies needed to here, I was just a willing body.

So many have emailed me from those sessions, sharing their stories, struggles and hearts. I've wept over each email. It's been an honor to carry you before the throne of Grace with confidence.

While walking into the conference for set up, we were called to prayerfully consider inviting little Cha Cha Rock Star into our home {she chose her nickname}. Her story is dark and hard, more so than most.

And we knew in an instant it was a Yes.

And just like that a stranger became a sister, a daughter, a friend.

Would you believe between all these Yes's, there were also a number of no's?

However, we consider every no, a yes to a call to prayer, even if the child never steps foot in our home.

Friends, the need is endless. The call to the Church is now.

We can't all the same thing, but we can all do one thing.

Some cool stuff and a few awesome Thank You's are on the horizon for this week, but needed a whirlwind catch up before diving in :)

Because He is Worthy ~


  1. This is so encouraging, Recently we had several calls a day all but one we said Yes to, two had been placed until a family member stepped up so the children never stepped foot in our home. We're still ready whenever God says now is the time

  2. Girl! I'm so grateful for your heart, and He knows the child that is to find healing in your home! And every call is a call to prayer. Nothing is wasted in the Father's economy!