I wish you...


In the light of a new year, a new dawn,

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Fresh moments of grace against the bitter cold,

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It would be appropriate to say Cheers, Good Tidings, and May you be richly blessed.

But, I want more for you. I want more for me. I want more the hands I touch day in and day out.

I want you to see with your heart, not with your eyes, laying down your list to enter the moment.

I want you to be thirsty, not for the empty fills of this world, but for the source of hope that forever fills.

I want you to hunger, not for accomplished goals, but for the Bread of Life.

In the spaces where I'm honest, my comfort and riches have never once taken me to the brinks where I truly see, deeply thirst, or ache with actual hunger.

It has been in the journeys of grief, the annoyances of inconvenience, the places I've been required to surrender the goals I seek to attain and deny myself the riches I've been blessed with that I've discovered life.

So I wish you Life.

Not in the definition we've come to know, that our world trivializes, but the Life that cannot be taken from you, the Life that is graced to you in order to be graced to another.

The Life that allows you to be threaded into His tapestry, to declare His name to the nations,

Because His is Worthy ~


  1. Thank you so much for sharing, Catie! A friend was recently mentioning how strange it is to continually pray for our children's safety, when our deepest encounters with Him have not been in places people would call safe. I'm trying to remember to pray for my children to experience Him. This post was a great reminder. His sanctifying work is painful, but I wouldn't want to imagine life without it. He is faithful!