One Year with Cinderella: 30 Days of Gratefulness

One day it will be her story to tell.

But today, at almost this exact moment a year ago, she took my hand for the first time.

When they called, they weren't sure when or if ever we would meet her face to face, and still we said, Yes.

And as we settled in for unusual night alone, the doorbell rang.

I opened as a little bit bounced through the door, turned her nose up to me and said, Mommy, take me to my room now.

I should have known then what we were in for.

But this little Loose Cannon has kept me at the foot of the Cross, and isn't that our hearts' cry?

There are hard, really dark days as I watch her battle the shadows of despair she buries within at only four years old.

Sometimes her hauntings keep me awake at night as I trade the Truth for a lie.

But in the end, I cling to the 365 days I've whispered Jesus, loves you over her soul, over her spirit, over her future.

And I strive with all I am to not dwell on how many moments are left, but on this moment and the gift I have today to remind her of Who holds her future.

And so with grateful hearts, we treasure each hard, glorious, joyful moment we are graced with to hold this precious hand...

Clinging to the Cross ~

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