It's Good for the Soul. ~ Heart Gallery Child of the Week

It was a hard weekend...like lock myself in a dark room and cry in the fetal position weekend.




Loss of Control...

It seemed I couldn't escape these realities of our fallen world.

Maybe that's why when I opened this picture today, I wept...and I mean, I dry-heaved cried.

Meet Aaliyah...

You see, when the news of unexpected death and loss came this weekend, I called my family...

I had something beautiful to lose, and I had someone precious to rock me in my tears.

When calamity and chaos hit our lives, and we scurried to juggle and hold things together, my covenant family picked up pieces I didn't even know had fallen.

There were sacred things to be dropped, and faithful people to put them back together when, for a moment, I forgot how.

But...to live in a world where you have known every loss possible, and there has been no one precious to rock you; no one steadfast and faithful to pick up your pieces...at the young age of seven.

...The fact that reality exists in this world should bring us all to our knees to be the faithful ones who intercede, even if these children never, ever know.

From Aaliyah's Heart Gallery Profile ~

Aaliyah, born July 2006 is an active little girl that is full of energy. She plays well alone and prefers not to be in a large group setting. Aaliyah likes one-on-one attention from adults. She loves to watch cartoons and play with dolls. Aaliyah also loves to swim and play outside. 

Aaliyah is curious, so she likes to explore. Aaliyah must be monitored closely, as she will wander off when things catch her attention. She has no boundaries and will leave with a stranger if not monitored closely. 

Aaliyah is a very sweet young lady who loves to be praised. She responds well to a behavior chart and regular praise. She longs for a family who will provide her the support and attention she needs to grow into an adulthood.

To see more precious images of Aaliyah or to make an inquiry concerning her, please visit her site, and while you're there, spend time becoming familiar with the Heart Gallery which works to faithfully stand in the gap on behalf of these children.

Go ahead...let your heart be sobered.

It's good for the soul.

And this week, pray, share and advocate for Aaliyah with us.

Clinging to Jesus ~

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  1. I found our daughter Hannah from a link (to rainbow kids) on a Heart Gallery site. <3