Heart Gallery of Alabama's Kids of the Week

"My favorite animal is the wolf because they run in packs and protect 
their own from the threats around them." ~ Andrew

Meet Patrick and Andrew:

From Heart Gallery of Alabama:

Patrick, born July 1996, is a sweet young man. He loves video games and basketball. He enjoys spending time with his brother as long as it is an activity that they both can participate in. Patrick is a very intelligent young man and makes awesome grades at school. 

Andrew, born July 1997 is an avid Alabama fan. He loves video games His brother, Patrick, is an Auburn fan so it is a brother's divided situation. Andrew enjoys spending time with his brother and although they are currently separated he cannot wait to get back together. Andrew is a thoughtful young man who longs to have a forever family who will give him and his brother the family they so deserve.

Children, no matter what age, thrive in families. We were designed to do life together.

Could your home be the space where Andrew and Patrick are reunited?

To learn more of these devoted brothers or to make an inquiry concerning them, visit their Heart Gallery site.

Pray. Advocate. Share.

Looking unto Jesus,

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