Heart Gallery of Alabama's Featured Child of the Week...

Meet Jasmine...

"I wish to be adopted. I wish to have a family."

From Jasmine's Heart Gallery of Alabama's page:

Jasmine, born July 1998, is a sweet young girl who loves to be around others. She is caring, outgoing and makes friends easily. She is into fashion and would like to be a designer when she grows up. She likes to go shopping and pick out clothes that show her personality. 

Her favorite food is pasta. Jasmine has a strong desire to be adopted. She describes her ideal family as a mom and dad who are nice and loving. She would like to have siblings. Jasmine desires to have a forever family who will not give up on her.

Someone who will never give up on her...

How often have each of us longed for that from the depths of our souls?

Could you be Jasmine's forever family that will never abandon her?

If you would like to learn more information about Jasmine's contagious personality or to make an inquiry, please visit her profile page.

Commit this week to praying for Jasmine. Sharing Jasmine. Advocating for Jasmine.

Because of the One who has never abandoned us,

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