At this Moment...Two Years ago...

At this very moment, two years ago...my phone rang.

With my amazing social worker's name popping up, I said yes before I said hello.

Then I had to call Jamie:

What would you think about a 10-day-old?

Ummm, Catie, really, don't you think our life is crazy enough?


You already said yes, didn't you?

That wasn't necessarily the best way, but this little guy was dropped off in a car seat with a bottle...

And pieces of our hearts were forever given to Joshua, aka...Baby J.

It was suppose to be 10 days...

Maybe two weeks...

Then one more month....

Then maybe three more....

Fifteen months later, we joined with his family at Golden Corral to celebrate reunification, restoration, and redemption.

And, I thought my heart was being gutted from within me.

I didn't feel the faith I knew I was suppose to have.

I didn't have the hope to which I knew I was suppose to cling.

My precious neighbor Beth brought me a card on the day Josh left:

Your griefs will turn out for your ultimate good. 
Your great things can never be grabbed away from you. 
The greatest is still to come. 
~ Jonathan Edwards

The greatest is still indeed to come...

For that little baby is growing into a boy, who still squeals with delight when he reaches for his Babas.

A grandmother has adopted our family in prayer each morning and night, with daily texts of hope and encouragement.

And, I still whisper Yes, Jesus loves you, as he cradles beside me on his weekends with us.

Who am I, O Lord, and what is my house that you have brought me thus far? ~ I Samuel 7:18

Looking unto Jesus ~


  1. How does that work for you to have him on the weekends? I just returned our little one to his mom after 11 months and don't know how to do a visitation schedule.

    1. Hey there! If you would like to email me, I can fill you in on details and suggest mistakes we made as well as a few good decisions as well :) cafranktie@aol.com! Thanks for your heart and ministry!

  2. 35 years ago we ended up w a 3 almost 4 year old girl i our home through strange circumstances. We had her made a ward of the state in illinois where we lived and legally made her our foster child. We were pregnant w our first child. We loved her , we wanted to keep her, who wouldn't. Social services didn't see it our way and after 8 months they sent her back to her biologically parents. It was heart wrenching for so many reasons..We never saw her again but never forgot her. My husband who went to be w his Lord and Savior 13 years ago tonight, kept this little girls photo by his computer and searched the crude search engines there were back in the day for her name but never found her.. 4 years ago I found her on Myspace/ Facebook..I got her reply on my computer when I had just returned from Phoenix Az. to find out our then 36 yr old foster daughter was living in Tucson!! She did not remember living w us so I treaded lightly as I slowly shared our story.. I do not believe her life has been as easy as she leads me to believe. I hope to have a face to face w her soon.. God is Good.. He knows the prayers we prayed over her 36 years ago.. He is faithful..