To My Warrior, Benjamin:

You're eight. Is this possible?

Your timing was perfectly designed by God, the Father of time.

Yet, from the moment you were created, your life has been an invitation for me to enter the precious dance of trust with my Father.

First, I fled. For this faith-driven dance does not come naturally to those of us who crave order, control, safe boundaries.

But His hands drew me into the pulse of His heartbeat for you, for me, for our family...rather than my own.

And your existence, your life, led me to lay down my own, surrendering to the cadence of His design.

Together we twirled, through years of sickness, needles, tests and doctors.

But you fought with the strength of a warrior...And you've never stopped fighting.

Rest, my Son.

I deeply long for your courage, your faith, your passion, your zeal...

You're marked for a purpose. Crafted for a calling. Designed to bring His glory to earth.

I am the honored one to witness your journey of discovery in the One who designed you. I'm the one gifted with the stewardship of these years; years I some days thought I would never see.

You've dared me to...




You do nothing halfway.

You are my treasure in the moments I cradle you in my arms and whisper the God of Peace over your soul, and in the spaces where we flail, alike personalities colliding.

You hold my heart.

Thank you for drawing me to the cross of our Savior as we journey this road of family together.

I love you with all that I am.

Son, never stop...

Looking unto Jesus,


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