A New Partnership ~ Beyond Excited

Advocacy: the act of pleading for, supporting or recommending.

Awareness: having knowledge; consciousness  

Before I ever entered the world of foster care, I knew of Heart Gallery of Alabama. I stalked their listings late into the night and sent Jamie the links of faces we began praying for.

Heart Gallery Alabama strives to help find a permanent, loving family for every child in Alabama's foster care system who is in need of a home. Their heartbeat is the mantra, "There are no unwanted children. Only unfound families."

As of April 2013, there were approximately 5,030 children in the Alabama foster care system. Almost 500 of those are waiting, longing to be adopted, refusing to allow the word unadoptable to seep into their vocabulary.

Almost 500 children, wondering if they will have to move schools again this year; if they should take the time to unpack their suitcases; if they should ever allow themselves to dream beyond tomorrow.

"God sets the lonely in families." ~ Psalm 68:6

The Forgotten Initiative is so honored to be partnering with Heart Gallery of Alabama to raise awareness and advocate for these children in an effort to turn these numbers into faces and to transform these faces into memories as families are established, roots begin to sink deep, and the deepest aches these children long for are fulfilled. 

Will you join us?

Each Monday we will feature a child or sibling set of the week available for adoption in the state of Alabama. Pray for this child. Share this child. Advocate for this child throughout the week. How beautiful would it be for the entire Body of Christ within our state to be lifting up the same child or children throughout the week?

"Where two or three are gathered in my name; there I am in the midst of them." ~Matthew 18:20

Introducing Heart Gallery of Alabama's Featured Children of the Week:

~ Dustin, Daniel and Ricky ~

"Dustin, born February1999, enjoys watching TV, playing video games and reading. He likes the Harry Potter Books. He is creative. He prefers the indoors and enjoys playing alone. Dustin's grades are average and he maintains passing grades. He does wear glasses to help him see the black board in the classroom. 

Daniel and Ricky were born in February 2003. Daniel has an IEP in place for speech therapy to assist with a speech impediment. His grades have been good. He likes to play outside and swim. Daniel enjoys watching TV, playing video games, and playing with others. He is very energetic. He is also creative and likes to draw. 

Ricky likes to play outside and go swimming. He also likes to go fishing. Ricky enjoys watching TV, playing video games, and playing with others. He is very energetic and is creative. He makes friends easily. 

These brothers need a family that can attend to their therapeutic needs and keep them together. They need to be placed together for adoption with a family that has no other children in the home."

For more information or to have the gift of viewing these precious boys, please visit here.

Together, let's share; advocate; pray.

Looking unto Jesus,