Voices of Foster Care: Disruption

there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus

Disruption...that's the official term for having a child(ren) removed from your home. The word itself is enough to bring shame into my heart and mind. I've really, really struggled with it especially in light of recent events with Dora and Diego. Even more so as I think on the fact that all three of our placements have ended in disruption for one reason or another. 

It is so very hard because in my pride, I didn't want to be that family. I wanted to be the family that sees all placements gloriously reunited with their mom and/or dad OR adopted into our family. God obviously had a different plan which I know by faith in His word, though not yet fully by sight, is bigger and better than my own.

Each situation was very different. With Mini-Man, we were simply stretched too thin, too soon. With Princess Petunia, the decision was made for us.  We trust that He will as He is already working to redeem. With PP, he allowed this to come to light while she is still young, and from all we've been able to learn, has made it so that she most likely will not be returning to the harmful environment any time soon. God has also graciously shielded our bio children from understanding all that PP has experienced. More than that, our sweet Rach shared with us that God used that time to bring her to a saving knowledge of Himself. How can we but rejoice even while we suffer?

Most recently with Dora and Diego, circumstances beyond our control such as delays in the court system, installation of all brand new judges, etc., combined with timing of major life events in our own family made it (disruption) the wise choice for us.

I'm still working through the reality of "disruption," but I know and trust that God has a plan and purpose for everything in our life and I trust that He is working for our good and His glory. 

I stalked Dawn for this post. As foster parents, parents, workers, spouses, we sometimes can buy into the lies that circumstances live and die with us when God is sovereign every step of the way, even in the "disruptions." I believe as foster parents, we also must come alongside one another when things don't go quite as we had envisioned. This is not an individualized battle; we're walking this journey of caring for families in crisis together.

Follow Mama Dawn  and her family in their faithful fostering journey and new adventure of adoption. 

Because of the One who is not surprised by Disruptions in our Lives,


  1. I stumbled across this post while trying to distract my aching heart from our soon to be disruption. Unexpected additions to our family are causing us to disrupt a child we have fallen deeply in love with. It is not our first disruption either. I feel so guilty and like I have failed because of this. These words, reminding me of our wonderful Lord's soverneignty were like a balm reminding me he is in control. Thank you SO MUCH!

  2. Thank you for this post. We are in the midst of our first disruption, and although I have complete peace that we are making the right choice, it's still very hard. There is so much shame associated with that word.