...Shower, that is ;)


At the age of 10, you are removed from your mother, your sister, your brothers...every definition you have known of family, even if it wasn't the Normal Rockwell scenario...or even remotely close to it.

A few visits, gifts here and there, letters. A mound of court dates, promises never kept, not only by your family, but the foster families that bumped you every few months, giving reason after reason why you just didn't seem to fit their mold.

And then you wake to look in the mirror to discover, you're it ~ or at least that's the lie whispered over you.

There is no one looking out for you. 

There is no one waiting for you.

And years down the road, you're a teen in foster care.

And you look for love in the empty places.

And once again, you're alone, but this time with another growing inside of you.

And for the first time you think, you could have a family and do it right ~ at the age of 17.

If you're reading this blog, you most likely have a heart for adoption, for the orphan, for the fatherless.

Today, I'm asking you to set your perceptions aside. The standard of what qualifies or doesn't qualify someone to be a mother, a father; because not one of us has a right...it's an honor.

This week I was called by DHR regarding a story much like the one I just invited you into.

I was asked to find a way for this young mother-to-be, to be celebrated, rather than forgotten.

Seen, rather than unseen.

Loved, rather than judged.

And so, you're invited to celebrate this momma who has grown up in foster care, giving birth to her family, giving birth to hope.

Between now and Friday, we'll be collecting items for this almost new momma and her baby girl who is expected to arrive sometime this month.

The needs are endless. She has little at this point. God is bringing support to surround her.

We have been challenged. Will you answer?

If you would like to contribute, or if you have gently used items for a baby girl, please contact me at cafranktie@aol.com.

Because we are deeply loved,


  1. Catie,

    Can you tell me something we can buy on Amazon and have shipped to you for the baby shower?

    Robby (Utah)