My Blog Birthday Party!


Last year people from all over the country jumped in for my blog diaper bash! We collected over 50 boxes of much needed diapers for DHR.

So once again, YOU'RE INVITED!

Last May, Jamie and I were so honored to be part of Jefferson County DHR's Project Sunshine through The Forgotten Initiative.

Through the team's efforts, we collected toys, funds, furniture and other needs, and renovated the family visitation rooms within DHR.

Children spend hours visiting their parents in these rooms. They stare at bland walls and fiddle through broken toys that have not been cleaned in months. All the while, these momma and daddies who have so precious few moments with their children are unable to relax because of the needs of their children's discomfort in a place that is honestly... scary.

Our goal...

  • Turn the room that both parents and children dread entering, in to a small space of hope and heaven in a time of crisis.

  • Transform that space into a place that reminds them they are special, loved, and worth the battle.

  • Speak to the hearts of those Mommas, Daddies, and children that this is not the end of their story through the messages we weave throughout the room.

So, we turn rooms that look like this...

Into spaces like this, that remind families in crisis of the Hope they were created for...

Places where my own kiddos, can forget the world, and focus on delighting in seeing their momma and daddy. They can even be rocked in the very same chair I sang my precious boys to sleep.

Will you join us, as we begin our initiative to bring hope and purpose to Shelby County DHR?

So, the party details!

I'm turning 34 on March 4th.

Projects like these require funds, donations, and efforts. Over the coming weeks I will be identifying specific needs Shelby County is requesting. But immediately, would you consider donating $7 to our initiative? That's 3 plus 4 equals 7! :) Less than a pack of diapers!

For my 34th birthday, all I want is for the two rooms our children and the children of my friends visit their mommas and daddies in, to be filled with the fingerprints of God through the efforts of our covenant family. I want the walls, toys, pillows, and books to whisper that they are prayed over by people far and wide.

So, if you want to join in this invite, here's how...

1. Share! Anyone who wants to jump in, is welcome!

2. Give! Please consider donating $7 towards our launch fund. Our goal date is mid-March.

Your simple $7 donation can be sent to:
Make checks out to: Lifesong, with The Forgotten Initiative Shelby County in the memo line.

The Forgotten Initiative 
PO Box 40 
Gridley, IL 61744

**Be sure to mark it with the ID: #97505  TFI Birmingham, AL - Shelby Project Sunshine

3. Pray! Please, whatever you do, pray for every child that enters the room you are helping to provide. Pray for every parent that picks up the Bible we leave for them and sees the words of hope we point them to. 

4. Commit! If you would like to serve hands-on during the week of the project or would like to help gather tangible donations within your small group, class, etc., please email me at cafranktie@aol.com

Now to Him, who is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine...

27 Days 'Til My Birthday and Counting.....!

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  1. Catie, it's in the mail. Happy Birthday! Laura