Choosing Gratefulness.

Today, I am sincerely thanking God for ...

~ The three healthy, growing boys in my home who are able to stop up toilets.

~ For three toilets in my home to stop up.

~ For floors that toilet water can overflow onto.

~ For the invention of plungers, and a husband to can make them work when I can't.

~ That we homeschool in this season, so I am the honored, chosen one to clean up their cr*p.

~ For social workers who work unceasingly, even when they are an hour and a half late. They are late because they've been standing in the gap for a child somewhere.

~ That I have the flexibility to let a social worker run my schedule.

~ For the beds that are filled and unfilled, the sheets to wash and the littles to tuck into them.

~ For the mommas and daddies and children of our future; we're praying for every, single day, waiting on the appointed time for God to bring them into our lives.

~ With 17 days until my birthday, we've raised $800. SO GRATEFUL! But there's still a ways to go! Check out the link for my Blog Birthday Party that you're invited to!

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