Simple Orphan Care Family Devotional

Hi all!

This is what I created for our church this week. Adapt it however you wish. We're using it for our Angel Tree project.

A Simple, Three-Day Family Devotional on Orphan Care

Day One:

Read: John 14:16-20

Questions and Prayer:
  • ·      What is an orphan?
  • ·      Have we ever been orphans?
  • ·      How has God not left us as orphans? How is He a father to us?
  • ·      Thank God that He has not left us as orphans. Pray for your sponsored Christmas child and the orphans around the world.

Day Two:

Read: Psalm 68:5 

Questions and Prayer:
  • ·      What things do you love about your father, or what kind of father would you love to have if you do not have one?
  • ·      How is God a father?
  • ·      What are some ways God takes care of the fatherless and the hurting people in the world?
  • ·      Thank God that He cares for the orphans, the widows, and the people hurting around the world. Thank God that He is a Father. Pray for your sponsored Christmas child and the orphans of one special foreign country.

Day Three:
Read Psalm 82: 3-4   
Questions and Prayer:
  • ·      Who are the fatherless of our world?
  • ·      What does it mean when God commands us to defend them and do justice to them?
  • ·      Are there ways you are defending the poor and fatherless now as a family?
  • ·      Thank God that He allows us to be part of this fight to care for the orphans and the poor around the world. Pray for your sponsored child and the orphans right here in our country. Pray that God would continue to show your family ways to obey this challenge to your family.

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