The Big Launch and an Announcement

It's time!

It's been so fun going back to the beginning and seeing why I began blogging in the first place.

I can tell you it was not to blog about foster care!

When I first started this blog (with a whole two hits a week :), it was to post some devotions from the family worship book I've been eternally working on.

Then, it became an adoption blog as we began our process to Frankie Joy.

Now, Frankie Joy, as we knew her in our minds, will most likely never physically grace our home or family.

We closed our formal adoption just two months after we opened it.


Because everything in us longs to be a voice for this space of orphan care - for foster care, for the families in crisis. Our longing is still to adopt one day, but whether it be tomorrow or 20 years from now, we feel it will be a natural progression from a child (or children) who are placed with us, but only if reunification is not a healthy goal.

We never intended it to be this way. In fact, when God first began crystallizing this vision and burden in our lives this spring, I kicked and screamed every step of the way.

But now, our hearts break to fully enter this space. We are missionaries to the world of foster care. There is no other way to define it. We have the refreshment of living in our own homes and cultures, but our time, our resources, our emotions and energy are continually and fully being poured into the vision God has given us of bringing His Kingdom to the foster care community and to families in crisis.

I humbly address these realities, not to promote ourselves, but to promote the reality that we are hopeless to attempt these dreams God has grown in us on our own. We need He who has gone before us, and we need our covenant family - you.

In light of us formally owning this adventure, the blog will be taking a slightly new shape. In addition to the glimpses into our crazy lives, we will be using our space here as a place to advocate and promote needs in our foster care community.

So follow us, and browse around! An AWESOME announcement can be found in our Ministry area.

He is real, and all things are for Him and in Him.

All for Jesus,

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