Deep thoughts on Chick-Fil-A, from little old me

My family supports Chick-Fil-A. Check that, my family funds Chick-Fil-A.

Hands down, they have the best Coca-Cola's around. Challenge me on that any day. I'm known there as the Coke Lady.

In fact, yesterday, now known as National Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day, may have been the first time this year I have not swung through the drive through or stood in line.

With the understanding that our Inverness location has been documented as the busiest one in the nation, you can only imagine what it looked like yesterday. Let's just say, I couldn't get out of my home, four miles away.

I've yet to post anything on the sensational event until this moment, but I've been mulling over the entire social media reaction to the events of the last week involving what has seemed to become a poster business for "a moral lifestyle", and I've boiled my response down to three points (ha, ha).

  • On the issue of traditional views of marriage:
    • I had a very wise RUF campus minister, who always challenged me that when the line was drawn in the sand, "Go and love from the inside." Meaning, when lines of battle are established, perhaps rather than boycotts or protests, we are to embody life to life ministry, and be Christ to those who are searching. Just as a hungry person cannot hear our words when their stomachs are growling, a hurting person cannot hear our stances and reasoning when their hearts are deeply aching. 
    • But...we (me most of all) are so quick to ladder sins and forget our own escapes. Just maybe, that's not the answer... According to CNN, the response to the overwhelming business, is a same-sex kiss day in Chick-Fil-A parking lots tomorrow, Friday. Yeah, yesterday showed them. And in reality we all know, the One who captured how to embody love most perfectly was Christ, Himself, whether it was dining with sinners, granting second chances to prideful men, or being in the presence of loose women.
  • On freedom of speech:
    • Forget the understanding that free speech is a significant venue that has allowed the definition of marriage to be propelled to the forefront of politics. The moment I became infuriated in this entire debate was when government individuals began defining themselves as having the power to determine whether a beneficial business to the community could be banned. Whose tax dollars are those? 
    • But... Where else in the world could government officials take a stance, and the rebuked population rebuttal with shutting down traffic across the land to eat chicken. Yes, freedom of speech was challenged, and that should not be allowed. Yet, in reality, a response was heard yesterday, and there was freedom to demonstrate that response. That's something we cannot take for granted. 
  • On the response:
    • From what I have read, every response directly from Chick-fil-A, itself, has demonstrated humility and honor. I cannot say that for all its supporters. Stances such as those certain individuals who threatened our beloved chicken eatery took do demand a response, and it was heard loud and clear.
    • But...homosexuality is only one important issue that is addressed in scripture. Thousands upon thousands of "moral, religous" individuals responded and gave up hours in order to respond in support. That is great, but there are other issues dear to the heart of the Father. The hard truth is I don't think I've ever seen thousands upon thousands of families waiting in line to care for the poor, the fatherless, the destitute, or the widow. It would be interesting to see how many people from our churches in the Bible Belt went out of their way to cheer for their beloved restaurant, and then to see how many have given and sacrificed in ways that are truly uncomfortable. 
It would be easy to make individuals the enemy, as it always is. That is exactly what the True Enemy always wants us to believe.

I am a deep lover of Chick-Fil-A. I'm deeply grateful for freedom of speech and the right I have to it as a citizen of this nation. Yet, I have three little ones in my home whose rights are seldom heard or recognized. I have three children in my home who have few to defend their cause and show them support. I have three who have no voice - except to express that they want Chick-Fil-A for dinner tonight, so that's where we'll be.


  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks CFA Coke DOES taste better. Tay gives me grief about it.

    1. Jonathan, I will go there to get a coke, before we go out to eat! Dreadful! Are you doing fall ball?

    2. No, we're not. Benjamin decided he only wanted to play "spring ball".

  2. Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing this, catie!

    1. You are a gift! I know I need to get back to you! :)

  3. Love! I've been battling the Chick-fil-A thing, even though Paul went bought a small mountain of biscuits there yesterday morning. We ate there Tuesday and have a playdate there on Saturday. Just wondering WHAT exactly the majority of Wednesday Chick-fil-a-ers were fighting. Was it a widely-felt Bible Belt belief or to "show them" or true conviction that eating there would be honoring God in some way?? I think if I had eaten there, I would have been trying to prove some point rather than loving all people and yet having no-tolerance for the homosexual lifestyle. I totally support Cathy's statements and absolutely feel the same way (which is the right way!), but read an article in World that made me wonder-is this drawing an unnecessary line? A line that makes the homosexual community more defensive of their lifestyles and less open to considering the right WAY? Overall, I'm sick of the CFA debate.

    And you make such a good point-where are the picket lines against the fatherless? The husbandless? I'm thankful for what God is doing through your sweet family to remind me of those unheard groups.

    And CFA Coke is amazing!

  4. For me, it was about standing in solidarity with a brother who is being persecuted for affirming the truth of God's Word--to encourage Dan Cathy and other Christians in the public sphere that they are not alone. It was about standing against the media's largely successful attempt to discredit and marginalize the authority of God's Word, and make it seem like there are only a few of those wacked-out backward folks who believe the whole Bible left out there. Homosexuality isn't the main thing; it's just one of the issues Satan's using to discredit the authority of the Bible and make it seem antiquated and backward. We all know that, but the difficulty I wrestle with is in how we live out standing for the truth. I was disappointed with the World article because I think the whole "let's not come across as divisive" line has led many Christians to not say anything when God's truth is slandered- in many areas and not just this one. And saying nothing when evil is endorsed produces the same results as condoning the evil. So the question I have is how do we take a stand against the landslide instead of stepping out of the way and letting the landslide continue unhindered? How do we confront the lie? I know the best way is life-on-life love poured out on those standing on the other side. But is that the exclusive answer? Does that mean we do or say nothing else collectively? I honestly don't know the answer. I go back and forth in my head about it. What are your thoughts, Catie? I'd love to read them!

    And AMEN about how quick we all are to spend $20+ and get a great meal out of it instead of looking at where our money could really make much greater of an impact...so convicting!

    1. Kerry and Gloria, I'm so blessed to have besties (Jamie hates that word :) Gloria, J and I have often discussed this throughout the week. I don't have the answer, considering we've been grown by so many of the same amazing men and women of faith :) But, looking at Christ, I believe He displayed aspects of both life-on-life ministry, and "vocal" stances intimately intertwined. He poured His life into the broken, and He confronted the Pharisees as a "brood of vipers." But, I think there is also a fine line. Our battle is for Truth for the glory of the One who created Truth, and one of the primary purposes of that Truth is to set the captive free, to lose the chains of injustice, and to restore hope to the hopeless. I am so grateful God has called people to venues to move political lines and hold fast to the Biblical foundations our nation was built on, but I also believe Satan can use that just as quickly for a distraction, and miss the opportunity for the transforming power of the Gospel for each life. Many, many cheered a business and its man on yesterday in his wake of standing for the Truth. That is something to be applauded. Yet, just as many missed the mark of that motivating factor. The Truth is the ultimate issue, because it embodies all others. Aside from Biblical Truth, there is no other cause that is ultimate. The reality is whatever our approach, the motivating factor is not hate, or homosexuality, or pro-Chick-fil-A, or freedom of speech, but that the Gospel is ultimate, and its Author holds the victory. And, that causes us to consistently evaluate our ministry, perspectives and approaches. - Or that's how this muddled brain thinks tonight. I'm so honored to have dear friends to talk this through with :)