Do the Math...

Yesterday was a major court date for the sisters. I have a hard time writing and blogging in the days leading up to critical times in our cases. Primarily, I think it's because I can't even navigate my own emotions, so I simply must stand in Christ, and that is my priority.

God was so merciful and gracious, but in more ways than one. As a foster parent, the most common thing you hear is, "I could never do anything like that." Let me walk you through how many people - on our front - it took for yesterday to happen...

27...Friends who texted us scriptures, prayers and promises...some even written for the girls to read - some every hour, or every day for the last week.

19...Friends who emailed and "Facebook messaged" us, doing the same

4...Precious friends who took my children literally all day and endured whining and gnashing of teeth

3...Friends who let me cry on the phone

2...Men who agreed in prayer with my husband for our daughters' futures

1...sweet visiting social worker who had no role in anything, but watched the girls as we waited

1...Friend who felt the Lord leading to help us provide beds for their going home anticipation

There's the Lumpkin gang, and then there's a host of believers holding up our hands to be the hands and feet of Jesus to two little girls and their family.

We are all commanded to care for the orphan, the widow, the destitute. Yesterday, 57 believers found a way to stand alongside of us and obey that command. We cannot all do everything, but we can all do one thing.


  1. What an amazing picture of the Body of Christ...thanks so much for sharing that!

    1. You are a precious gift, Kelly! Thank you for the encouragement!