Books, Books and More Books!

I will be completely honest with you. I'm not a home show party girl. I love a girls' night out, but a night out to me is a night off, and any kind of decision is a chore for me.


As a homeschooling family we regularly use Usborne Books. These books are exceptional in quality and information, and my kids LOVE them. They are hands down their favorite.

Along with assisting with the basic needs of our foster children and their families, we've also made it a priority to build them a library over the last two years. Our desire is to send them home with quality books so that an importance for literacy is established, because in sincerity, some of our children come from homes where literacy and books are a luxury, not a given.

Then, we began dreaming a little bigger. What if every foster child in Jefferson and Shelby County could receive a special book when they came into care, and maybe even when they left? What if they had books to call their own, that traveled with them through the stories of their childhood? Is that a big undertaking? Yes. But why not dream?

But alas, things cost money. So in an effort to be economical, I've been led to become an Usborne Book consultant. Our primary goal in allowing me to do this on whatever low-key level my life allows me to, is to promote and further our orphan ministry. We see two ways we will be able to do this.

1. The books and commission I am able to earn will go to creative ways of helping promote the literacy of foster children we have a chance to impact. We're gonna dream big. We're gonna dream that each child in the County can have a book of their own. It starts with a step. Dream with me.

2. If you are adopting, my desire is to provide a party for you where all the commission goes to your fundraising needs. You simply host the party, and apply all that is raised for your precious child that God has called you to stand in the gap for.

Our lives have taken a drastic turn in the last two years, and we are increasingly looking for creative ways to enable and equip the places God has called us to, and this seems to fit for us in this season.

So jump in the craziness, and holler my way :)