My Favorite Post of the Year - 51 Reason Why I Love Being a Mom

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"
- By American Poet Emma Lazarus, 
and engraved on the Statue of Liberty

Three years ago, I prayed my home would embody something like this. When we moved into our home, I told Jamie I wanted it to become a safe-haven for anyone and everyone God opens a door too. 

"Who am I, O Lord, and what is my house 
that you have brought me thus far?"
- 2 Samuel 7:18

Why I have loved being a mother this year (51 reasons):

1. I. need. Jesus.

2. I had a daughter for seven months, who I fully gave my heart to. I am so honored to have been your Momma for such a short season, Baby M. 

3. I had the privilege of grieving her fully, because she was worthy of being grieved, and rejoicing in the new life God opened for her.

4. I sat and scratched Caleb's back in the early morning hours, when his heart was broken.

5. Benjamin and Daniel have become color-blind to skin color.

6. One of Caleb's baseball teammates fell down on the field. Everyone ran past him, but Caleb ran across the field to him and lifted him up.

7. My sons pray for orphans every day.

8. She tells me she loves me to the moon and back.

9. Benjamin wants to release balloons to heaven for PapaDick's Father's Day gift.

10. Daniel has an imaginary grandfather who has known him longer than any of us and has taught him everything he needs to know about life. He tells me a grandfather story every night.

11. I. have. no. control.

12. I have the honor of doing five loads of laundry every day, and I have six kiddos who help me build a "snow mountain" to slide down.

13. I stood beside my teenage daughter's forever mother and watched as she was baptized. I wept to think I have seen this beautiful girl spiritually adopted, physically adopted, and symbolically baptized into the Kingdom of God.

14. And that same daughter still calls.

15. She writes, "I love you, Miss Catie," on every piece of paper in the house.

16. My children have prayed for child after child in crisis as we've delivered clothes all across the city.

17. Benjamin read his first book.

18. Benj teaches me to take each hour, one at a time. I'm seeing his body restored before my eyes. He is a walking miracle.

19. I have the funds to grocery shop, even though I dread it, and cry every week.

20. My family never complains about turkey sandwiches.

21. I. long. for. Christ.

22. He reaches for me and smiles the biggest smile when he sees me.

23. In the last 18 months, I have mothered for some period of time 16 children in my home. To God be the glory, because His grace is more than sufficient.

24. I have an incredible group of friends who teach me how to be a Momma who loves Jesus more with each moment.

25. She glowed at her ballet recital, and I sat beside her Momma and cheered.

26. I had six mommas and grandmommas to shop for this Mother's Day, who were my children's families.

27. I took her on her first "real" shopping trip to a "real" mall.

28. My name is said 100 times an hour, easily.

29. My children have someone to scream at when they are angry.

30. My children have someone to tuck them in each night, and they are safe in a bed.

31. I. cling. to. Jesus.

32. They hear the name of Jesus each day, by the grace of God.

33. They forgive me every time I fail them.

34. My Heavenly Father is their perfect Father, and at best I will fail them.

35. I have the honor of pointing them to one who got it right for me.

36. The fingernail polish-covered carpet will always remind me she lived here. I won't fix it.

37. I have the gift of mothering mothers.

38. My family takes up an entire row at church.

39. One day I will laugh at Benjamin stories. One day.

40. My man is praying about the big bus.

41. All. for. Jesus.

42. I have the blessing of being my children's first teachers.

43. Her Valentine's, Christmas, field trip, and all the other school things I've been able to be there for.

44. The piano that bangs all day.

45. The baseballs that cover the back yard.

46. A man that rises to bless me.

47. Glimpses of my Savior that shatter every dark shadow of my home.

48. I have learned I can do hard...because of Him.

49. Having the gift of telling my children, their families, my husband, and our boys that it is not the end of our stories.

50. That I've been told one million times I have my hands full and asked every day if these are all mine. I never dreamed I would be able to hear those words 10 years ago.

51. He doesn't need me for any of this, but He's invited me to be part of His beautiful glory that will not be withheld. I only had to say Yes.


  1. I absolutely love this post. I'm coming over as soon as we're in town. I may bring turkey. :) Praying for you and your beautiful family and the wonderful journey our Father has called you to and is carrying you through! Keep that light shining!

    1. I love you, and I'm super excited about being friends :) Turkey is always welcome! Praying for that house and you all! You show me Jesus!