Be Still My Soul

Two of our children have a trial tomorrow.

It's terrorized the stillness of our souls.

I hurried her. Reminded her laundry was not put away. Told her teeth hadn't been brushed, and her hair was in tangles. I screamed she was moving too slow as the bus rounded the corner.

She ran through the doorway, and I'm not sure I ever saw her. Really saw her.

I huffed into her room, frustrated that nothing had been picked up, and then I saw, above her bed, blue post its, everywhere...

Am I really forgiven of all my sins?
Does He really love me completely, all of me?
Do I really want my heart to be His?
Is He really my real Father?
Did He really write my story before the world began, even the horrible things?

I fell to my knees as Little R came to my lap. Through my shouts of hurry, she was trying to SEE her Pursuer in the early morning hours. He saw her before I knew her name. He saw her when He knew I would miss her. He'll see her years beyond my home.

He's pursuing her heart...

And transforming mine.


  1. Now I know more specifically what to pray for. You are wonderful and I'm so grateful, always but today of all days, for you honestly, precious friend. Love you.