The Summer Blues....

My sister Sarah is 10 years younger than me. When we were little, she would meander around the house singing, "I'm B-O-R-E-D, BORED." The song had a fabulous little tune. Wish I could sing it aloud for you :)

I knew going into this summer, that's one thing I couldn't handle. If six (or five speaking kids) say they're bored five times a day - I've heard it 25 times each day! (Yes, I've grown in my math skills. Chalk it up to homeschooling).

Aside from annoying, this little comment has a deeper issue. When my children say this, they are saying, they are ungrateful for what the Father has provided for them. They are unable to use the creative and imaginative skills He has given them, and they need to be served, rather than finding new ways to serve others.

So you see our answer. When anyone begins the BORED song, Jamie and I hold out our hand for 50 cents, kindly say we're not their cruise director (as my friend Kelly Jackson taught me), and point to the BORED BOARD.


  1. what a fantastic idea! i'll have to pass it along! ;)

  2. Catie, I love your "Bored Board," and you are so much nicer than I was. When my boys told me they were bored, I handed them a broom and pointed them towards somewhere that needed sweeping. They ultimately would find their way to the kinds of alternatives listed on your Board, but not until the garage floor was clean!

  3. Love this!! I will definitely make one of these!! I have heard Kelly say this before! So funny!!!

  4. I was SO going to email you about this, but a picture is better!! What a great idea! You can't know how encouraged my husband was after this week because of y'all. We love you!!

  5. Rach, love you! The blog looks fabulous!
    Shea, we'll have it make it down to see you:)
    Sharman, ok, I may aim for your way. So much more would be done :)
    Melissa, I love that she says that to Graham when is 8 months old!
    Camille, it was a gift to Jamie. I only wish you had been there :)