Not Worthy of Them

My English class and I are memorizing Hebrews 11 for our final project. It's the culmination of our year's study of ancient history and literature in the context of God's sovereignty. Whenever I hear or come to that chapter in Bible study, reference or reading, there's a tendency much like in Genesis one to skim over the majesty of God's faithfulness and power because it's commonly referred to as "the faith chapter", and I quickly remember, "Oh yea, I know that."

However, as we've dived into this new process of study, my mind has been blown away at the beauty of God's mercy through these unsuspecting, broken individuals, who were simply willing to be used, tired of reaching dead-ends through their own merits and foolish attempts. And in the end, the writer of Hebrews claims, "the world was not worthy of them." When I read this in my class on Thursday, tears fell.

Am I bold enough to imagine, to dream, to ask for a vision from God, himself, that would make the world not worthy of me - not because of who I am or what I accomplish, but because I am so broken and unworthy? I'm useless, and in that confession, I find myself utterly dependent and hidden in Christ, of whom the world was not worthy.

Am I daring enough to pray for my children and Jamie that the world would not be worthy of them? That's a prayer that stops me in mid-sentence. Yet, I long for nothing more. In light of that, I'm increasingly aware of the gift I've been given to speak into the lives of youth and children in my ministry. What a precious honor it is to pass on a vision to them that they can live for a calling that is much more than this world holds out to them, it's a calling that will leave the world unworthy of them....

Long absence from the blogging world, but in gratefulness:

11. early morning quiet and grading times.
12. Caleb in his new Cardinals baseball outfit...I'll post pictures soon.
13. Flowers from a sweet friend.
14. Cherry 7-up.
15. Thrift store finds.


  1. I love reading your posts. You are a wise women and a great writer. I would love to connect with you sometime in the future when we are in town.

  2. Mmm. You always make me think and point me to my Savior. I'm so glad you're my friend. :) We've been studying an awesome book on Hebrews at church and it's given me so much to think about and such a greater picture of Christ's love for me and graciousness to me. I'm grateful to ponder your post as well.

  3. Camille, what book is it? Melissa, please do holler when you come in town!